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Unchecked emotions can lead to poor divorce decisions

The end of a marriage is a difficult and emotional time, and Tennessee readers may know how hard it can be to manage feelings of anger and grief during this process. While it is completely normal to experience difficulty during a divorce, it is important to manage these feelings. Emotions should not dictate how a person makes important decisions. 

Divorce can bring about intense grief, and it is beneficial for a person to simply admit that he or she is experiencing these feelings. Acknowledgement can lead to healing, and it can allow a person to take the next step forward, which may be getting professional counseling. A person will also find it beneficial to lean on the support and help of loved ones during this complex and emotional time of transition.

Overcoming the emotional blocks of estate planning

There are some things in life that are inevitable and one of those is death. No one really likes to talk about his or her own mortality, but when it comes to estate planning, Tennessee residents need to address the subject if they wish to ensure their loved ones are taken care of after they've died. Many people don't even like to use the word death and use metaphors when they speak of it, like kick the bucket, six feet under or pushing up daisies.

Writing an estate plan does not mean a person gives up control or ownership of his or her assets. On the contrary an estate plan does the opposite by giving the testator control over who will inherit his or her assets and when. A person can also choose how those assets will be disseminated. 

Tennessee police officer escapes prosecution on DUI charge

Having an experienced legal team can mean the difference between having a serious charge dropped, minimal consequences if found guilty, or facing stiff penalties. A Tennessee police officer who faced a DUI charge knows this too well. The charges against him were dropped recently after he met certain conditions set out by the prosecuting attorney.

The 24-year-old officer was charged with driving under the influence and possession of a firearm while under the influence. Another officer stopped the vehicle that the accused officer was driving, for speeding. The arresting officer allegedly smelled alcohol on the breath of the accused. The accused agreed to a field sobriety test, the results of which apparently showed an alcohol level over the legal limit. A hand gun was also supposedly found in his vehicle.

Drafting a positive parenting plan for your Tennessee family

When a Tennessee couple decides to move forward with divorce, it can have a significant impact on the youngest members of the family. You may want to shield your children from any negative or adverse effects, and one way you can do this is by drafting a strong parenting plan together with the other parent.

When it comes to child custody, it is not always easy to work with the other parent to resolve disputes and come to smart decisions. However, many parents find they can set temporary emotions aside and work together in order to craft a plan that uniquely suits the needs of their family. The goal of any parenting plan is to protect the best interests of the children above all else. 

Criminal defense: 3 Tennessee women face felony drug charges

It is crucial for people facing drug charges to consider seeking legal assistance. A strong criminal defense team is essential for fighting the charges aggressively in Tennessee, a state that treats felony drug convictions very seriously. Three Tennessee women will need to mount aggressive fights since they are facing felony crystal-meth charges.

Cops say they seized 2.5 ounces of crystal-meth during a recent routine traffic stop. Most of the drug was allegedly found in the purse of a 25-year-old  passenger in one of the vehicles stopped. She was also charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession. The driver, age 35, was also charged with possessing a quantity of the drug as well as driving on a revoked license, improper lane use and driving without insurance. The other charged passenger is 53 years old. 

Tennessee THP trooper in chase with driver charged with DUI

Drunk drivers realize they're not in total control of their vehicles; however, some people still make the mistake of driving while intoxicated. It's a tragic offense since that simple error could result in a crash as it did for a 31-year-old Bluff City, Tennessee, resident recently. The woman is facing DUI charges after her vehicle veered off the road and into a telephone pole and a tree.

According to a police report, a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper had to pursue the vehicle for quite a distance. The police officer alleges that the accused was driving erratically. The vehicle supposedly veered onto the shoulder of the road and oncoming traffic, through medians, ditches, red lights and a fast food restaurant parking lot.

Tennessee parents need to set kids straight after divorce

It's not surprising that most children whose parents have split up dream of the day when they're back together again. It's human nature for kids to want their family to look like it did before the divorce of their parents, but leading them to believe that might happen is not in their -- or anyone's -- best interests. Divorced Tennessee parents need to make sure their kids don't have any unrealistic expectations when it comes to reconciliation.

Explaining to children that divorce is final is not easy, but necessary. A talk doesn't have to be overly involved. Just stating the facts as they are is usually good enough. Children less than 4 years old need even less explanation than their older siblings. Asking children how they're feeling and doing is one good way of broaching the subject, and parents should never assume their kids understand that their parents will never be together under the same roof again.

Even common injuries from car crashes can be serious

Like others here in Tennessee, you would probably count yourself lucky for walking away from a car crash. Even if it was a relatively minor accident, you may think that it could have been much worse. You may not even feel as though you suffered any serious injuries.

Under these circumstances, you may decide to forgo medical attention, which could be a mistake. The most common injuries suffered in car accidents can also be the most serious, and if you fail to get examined by a doctor in the immediate aftermath of the crash, you could make your injuries worse or not realize just how much danger your life is in.

Tennessee school bus driver charged with DUI

Getting charged with driving while intoxicated is not only stressful, but can potentially change a person's life should the person be convicted. A DUI conviction in Tennessee is serious business. Those charged, such as a now former school bus driver, will need to fight the charges aggressively.

The transportation department of a Tennessee school district recently received a number of calls from concerned parents and students indicating that a driver on one of the school buses might be driving under the influence. The driver was told to pull over by the school transportation supervisor. The police responded shortly thereafter. 

Tennessee man charged with DUI, vehicular homicide

A drunk driving conviction can turn a person's life upside down. Those in Tennessee who are facing DUI charges must fight those charges aggressively. A  59-year-old man recently accused of drunk driving will also need to do so. The accused was allegedly impaired behind the wheel, which authorities say led to a crash that claimed the life of his 33-year-old son who was a lone passenger in the vehicle. 

Police responded to the scene of the one-vehicle crash that left both the accused and his son trapped in the vehicle. They were freed by fire services respondents. The man's son was pronounced dead at the scene. The accused was treated and taken to a nearby hospital and released into police custody.

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